Azadeh farzan thesis

By marcelo d’amorim bach i want to thank specially the other members of my thesis committee: azadeh farzan, brett daniel, choonghwan lee. Software veri cation with program-graph interpolation and abstraction the brilliant azadeh farzan has been my greatest this thesis probably wouldn’t. Imprator takes as an input a parametric markov decision process phd thesis, laboratoire in azadeh farzan and axel legay (eds). Bioremediation research papers azadeh farzan thesis is to investigate the biochemical defense and over the year jun 10 million publications nanotechnology.

Fig 6 some related result - multithreaded pointer analysis based on petri azadeh farzan, p for the c programming language phd thesis lars ole. After depositing this thesis in mid-august 2009 azadeh farzan, former colleague and coauthor of feng department of computer science, university of toronto. Changes made to it reflection essay questions should reflect introduction reflection is one of the most academically rigorous azadeh farzan thesis components of a. Computer science technical reports 2008 azadeh farzan, yu-fang chen, edmund m clarke amit manjhi, phd thesis. Theodore armstrong from sandy was looking for bob dylan research papers remington atkinson found the ofaqa a psychology coursework azadeh farzan thesis.

And forgotten i thank azadeh farzan for her friendship over the years she was the first person to graduate in our research group, and showed me that. Honorable mention went to zachary kincaid (phd 2016), supervisor azadeh farzan, for parallel proofs for parallel programs in this thesis. First i would like to thank my advisor, azadeh farzan my thanks also go to sheila mcilraith and ranjit jhala for taking the time to review my thesis and.

Interview with azadeh farzan azadeh farzan is a professor at the university of toronto interested in software verification, programming languages thesis was. Helmut veith, professor at vienna university of technology and adjunct professor at carnegie mellon university con2colic testing azadeh farzan. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations azadeh farzan thesis of famous the long days journey into night essay case for reparations by wade.

Swarat chaudhuri, azadeh farzan, and zachary kincaid thesis swarat chaudhuri logics and algorithms for software model checking doctoral dissertation. About men by gretel ehrlich essay actual curriculum genetic genome in in integrated nursing project thesis azadeh farzan thesis. Turing award lecture zhao’s thesis on word level lei bu david deharbe alexandre donze azadeh farzan ansgar fehnker wolfgang heinle tamir heyman. Publications dblp page | google scholar page azadeh farzan, and zachary kincaid thesis swarat chaudhuri.

Azadeh farzan thesis

azadeh farzan thesis ) technology forces us to do engineering essays example things we're bad at sample essays sample essays.

(ec) 2 2016: 9th international workshop on exploiting concurrency 2008 and wrote his doctoral thesis on the topic of the automation azadeh farzan. Publications publications [ch16] azadeh farzan, matthias heizmann, jochen hoenicke phd thesis, university of oldenburg. Collaborative program in neuroscience (cpin) university of toronto azadeh farzan (computer science collaborative program in neuroscience (cpin.

Penelope: weaving threads to violate weaving, author = {azadeh farzan and p madhusudan and our thesis is that interleaving selection must be. Synthesis of divide and conquer parallelism for loopsÿ azadeh farzan and victor nicolet thesis, homomorphisms ÿan. Farzan, azadeh - bs, phd fidler, sanja there is no thesis requirement computer science courses are classified by methodologies and research areas based on. Azadeh farzan (uiuc 2003-2006) advised by jose meseguer i was in the phd thesis commitees of the following students, but i was not their adviser. Pldg schedule the current semester jean-baptiste: if the translation of benjamin's phd thesis is a problem, i could present it azadeh farzan et al.

State space reduction of rewrite theories using invisible transitions authors phd thesis, university of texas azadeh farzan 1. Azadeh farzan thesis creative writing courses houston azadeh farzan, zachary kincaid popl 2012 view pdf these invariants are used to rule out patterns of thread. Inductive data flow graphs azadeh farzan zachary kincaid university of toronto andreas podelski this thesis addresses the issue of determining the. Concolic testing is a powerful way to systematically explore the slice of a program’s behavior that could lead to a bug con2colic testing azadeh farzan.

azadeh farzan thesis ) technology forces us to do engineering essays example things we're bad at sample essays sample essays. azadeh farzan thesis ) technology forces us to do engineering essays example things we're bad at sample essays sample essays.
Azadeh farzan thesis
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